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If you're looking for an event...

that makes the most of your company’s unique
location and history using 21st century technology

that’s more fun than sumo suits and rope bridges
(and a lot more convenient)

that’s more interactive than the pub or a curry
(and better for your health)

that’s more relevant to your business than ‘trust exercises’ (and nowhere near as embarrassing)

...then you're looking for CityClue

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Yes, but what do CityClue do?


We make treasure hunts. Just not the sort you are used to.

Do you like trudging around aimlessly with reams of paper?
Nor do we. So we supply you with a customised smartphone and your clues are sent by SMS.

Do you enjoy tedious and embarrassing ‘challenges’?
Us neither. Our events are inclusive, engaging, and give your
team real historical insight into the City around you.
Do you relish getting lost, tired and bored?
Thought not. Our events are fully managed, highly competitive
and seriously good fun.
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So, what are my choices?

There are 3 levels of Treasure Hunt for groups of 10 to 100+ divided up into small teams. You answer clues and gather points.
When the time’s up the team with the most points win!

1: The Classic

Our starter package with all the elements you need to get cracking.

2: The Custom

Our classic hunt
with a range of
extra features
to enhance your

3: The Bespoke

A Treasure Hunt experience,
hand-crafted just for your event.

From £20 pp From £30 pp From £40 pp

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